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Christa Thomas (née Gutzler) has masterfully written, ghostwritten, edited, and proofread content for multiple content marketing agencies, online publishers, and new and established brand sites. 

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According to, it’s not your traditional wattage that you should consider when shopping for, or measuring, the effectiveness of the best lighting products. Instead, we should turn to its modern counterpart: the lumen (symbol: lm).
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. What are Lumens? [Blog post]. Retrieved from
As a business owner, you know how important it is to protect your business and valued employees against potential losses. Whether you have a startup or a well-established company that’s been in business for a long time, business insurance will help you minimize risks associated with unforeseen property or liability claims...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. A Guide to Business Insurance. [Blog post]. Retrieved from
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ST. PAUL, January 24, 2019 – Homestead Remodeling & Construction, of St. Paul, Minnesota, has won “Best Of Houzz 2019” in the Customer Service category with a portfolio that includes some of the most consistent reviews on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design.
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Homestead Remodeling & Construction of St. Paul, MN, Awarded Best of Houzz 2019. [Press release]. Retrieved from
Beam was founded out of a deep-rooted necessity to harness and celebrate creativity that drives progress. We believe that in leveraging emerging technology — and its power to bring innovative thinking to life — we are making significant contributions to how we tell stories...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Off the Wall — Atlanta's Civil Rights and Social Justice Journey Through Murals. [Blog post]. Retrieved from
With origins on a family homestead in Ireland, we believe that every home has the potential to be a safe, functional, beautifully-designed expression of those that live in it. In working with us on your home renovations, you are partnering with a company that has a passion for creating inspiring designs that enhance and preserve your family home...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Homepage content. Retrieved from
Even a local move requires a good deal of planning — and may cause unwanted stress. It’s important to invest in the services of trusted local movers who will transport your valued possessions with care and professionalism...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Service page. Retrieved from
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As the beauty and wellness industry delivers record growth year-over-year, with more than $17 billion in revenue in 2017 alone, it’s clear that U.S. consumers are putting a premium on the products and services that not only make us look good, but that improve our overall health and well-being...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. The Growing Demand of Beauty and Wellness in the US Offers Incredible Career Opportunities [Blog post]. Retrieved from
With its distinct half covered wheels and rounded facade, the Honda Insight was the first mass-produced hybrid car — making its debut in Japan back in November, 1999. In the face of soaring gas prices, the vehicle appealed to both environmentally-conscious and economically incentivized drivers...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Five ways to save money and energy with hybrid cars [Blog post]. Retrieved from
Private property owners in the U.S. are turning to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to fund energy-saving renovations and upgrades to their homes and businesses with no money down. This innovative program allows environmentally-conscious real estate owners to find affordable financing...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. What Home Improvement Projects are Covered under PACE? [Blog post]. Retrieved from
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Whether you’re looking for an inground pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or patio, Downunda Pools is your Houston pool builder who will skillfully convert or upgrade your backyard into an exhilarating place to live and entertain...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Homepage content. Retreived from
Parker has added Resilon© 4350 Polyurethane to its high-performing sealing system lineup. Designed to achieve advanced production, sustainability, and resilience in the face of extreme thermal conditions, Resilon 4350 is the latest achievement from Parker Hannifin...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. New High Temperature Sealing Performance with Parker Resilon© 4350 [Blog post]. Retrieved from
The Pearl Animal Farm Earring Collection features four exquisitely-designed farm animals in 14k yellow gold-filled and 14k yellow gold. Freshwater pearl designs include selective carnelian, blue topaz, aqua, and ruby accents...
— Ghostwriter: Thomas, Christa. Intro copy on product page. Retrieved from
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To conceptualize comedy as an endeavor is to focus on the one who delivers this particular type of discourse. Isn’t the audience merely a hungry recipient, anticipating the endowment of some type of gratification?
— Thomas, Christa. Deconstructing comedy — for fun. [Blog post]. Retrieved from LinkedIn Pulse.
Today, the word ‘steroid’ connotes ideas of illegal activity, toxic self-destruction, and testosterone-fueled competition. The frenzied power and eruptible behavior exercised by people on steroids have not always been the primary focus...
— Gutzler, Christa (2008). Testes to Testy: A Look at Anabolic Steroids. Nutrition Health Review, Volume 100. Retrieved from
The Etruscans were wild. Wildly mysterious, wildly artistic, and wildly efficient in their influence over Italian culture, the Etruscan civilization infiltrated the Umbria region and dominated parts of their fertile land for many centuries. Etruscan dominion covered the scope of art, politics, language, and...”
— Editor: Gutzler, Christa. Those Wild Etruscans! [Blog post]. Retrieved from
Learning is an arbitrary concept for some, but the teachers that stand in the classroom everyday are the leaders on our paths to learning. They are responsible for making learning happen, and, in their attempts to bring life to various subjects, their tasks always begin with the need to motivate...
— Gutzler, Christa. Motivation in the classroom. [Article]. Retrieved from