Christa was wonderful to work with! She understood our SOW perfectly, the quality of her work was impeccable and she delivered within our deadlines. She is very professional and makes herself available when needed. I highly recommend Christa to anyone looking for marketing or content.
— Patricia Urquiaga, MASC Medical LLC
I hired Christa to optimize my blog series for SEO and build my company’s social media presence. Christa is very knowledgable and easy to work with. She is very professional and the output was high quality. Her communication skills are strong and she was able to work with my deadline. I hope we work together again on future projects!
— Terri Z. Campbell, Founder, CIO, Archer Bay Capital (
Hiring Christa for this web content writing and marketing strategy job was one of the best decisions I have ever made for our small business. She is extremely intelligent, organized, professional and a pleasure to work with. She completed the work needed in a fraction of the time I had anticipated and the finished product exceeded my expectations. If you want a top notch talent, I would highly recommend her.
— Rob Christensen, Owner/Manager, Liquid Lumens (
As a fellow Sr. level digital marketer, I can attest that Christa is a subject-matter expert and can deliver at a high level. She helped our team complete some important ad copy and strategy for one of our Fortune 500 clients. We’ll definitely be reaching out again in the future as needed.
— Christopher Schroeder, SEO Specialist
Christa did a wonderful job writing long-form blog articles for us. They were nicely written, informative, and accurate. Her communication is thorough and transparent, she was always quick to turn around edits, and she’s a gem when it comes to hashing out ideas and feedback.
— Jack Boland, Senior Marketing Analyst, Alton Lane (
It would be hard for me to recommend Christa more highly. I don’t think the team we worked on would have experienced nearly the level of success we did without Christa’s tireless work ethic, foresight, creativity, flexibility, and diligence.

The thing that is special about Christa is that she truly offers it all — writing expertise, along with user experience skills, along with a general web/coding knowledge, and a keen sense for how to actually market — that is, make sure that users we need to see our content do actually see it.
— Christopher Bole, Financial Writer at FS Investments (
Amazing experience working with Christa to re-write our site-wide web content for SEO. Christa is very detailed and organized and does excellent work. I just hope she doesn’t get too busy in the future because I will definitely be reaching out to her in the future for more projects.
— Daniel Hazan, Owner, Quick-Move Transport (
Christa was a pleasure to work with. Her communication was very clear and concise. She exceeded our expectations in writing original copy for our new website. We’ll be reaching out to her for future projects.
— Tom Frawley, Founder/Owner, Homestead Remodeling & Construction (
“I love working with Christa! I am the Owner and Creative Director of my jewelry business, Baubou. We have worked together for awhile now, and she helps me with Facebook and other social media ads, email marketing, and product descriptions on my website. She has a deep knowledge of content marketing, and she is reliable and professional. I have received many compliments about my flawless and engaging ad copy. I feel very lucky to work with Christa.”
— Eunyoung Choi, Owner and Creative Director, Baubou (
Christa’s extensive experience and insight into content strategy and digital content creation quickly becomes apparent the moment you start speaking with her about your business goals and intended user outcomes. She takes a logical but practical approach to defining user needs and shaping a content strategy to meet those needs.
— Corey Acri, Strategic Design Lead, AG Strategic Design; Co-Founder, CyclePhilly and WhyABike (
Christa’s enthusiasm about SEO is only matched by her talent in producing the right copy, design, and site structure recommendations to optimize various digital experiences across our different audience-based websites. She applies a holistic approach to SEO so we can win at search and not only improve our rankings but trust, authority, and qualified visitorship.
— Peter Wolk, Global Digital Manager, Macquarie Investment Management; Founder and CEO, NotiphiMe, Inc. (
One of the things that particularly characterizes Christa’s pursuits is the energy that she brings to her ongoing studies in combination with her other pursuits. Her capacity for intensive focus is extraordinary, as is her ability to follow through on commitments. Further, she is highly self-motivating and altogether capable of independent, self-directed work, and of being an effective team player who knows how to further a corporate enterprise and perform as a fresh, vibrant presence who will enrich your community!
— Dr. Richard Wertime, Professor of English, Director of Graduate Studies in English and the Humanities at Arcadia University
Christa has been a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a writer. Great quality of work delivered in a timely manner.
— Megan Alexa, CEO, Alexa Design (
Christa provided research and writing services for us and she produced exactly what I was looking for, plus a little more. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future.
— Kim Clarke, Founder, Prsuer (
Christa has consistently demonstrated expertise in content editing, proofreading, fact checking and research, maintaining continuity in style and voice, and effective content development across internal communications, email marketing, and high-profile marketing campaigns.
— Lynn Hamilton, Web Content Administrator, Macquarie Investment Management
Christa was a student in my Journalism I and Journalism II classes at Arcadia, and I was also her adviser on her senior double thesis. Christa’s articles were excellent as far as grammar, transitions, and flow. From a substantive standpoint, the research, information, and quotes given in her articles were excellent. She was a stickler for details and wanted to get everything right. She is thoughtful, well-read, open-minded, and intellectually curious. She is one of the best students that I have taught at Arcadia.
— Larry Atkins, Board member of Philadelphia Writer's Conference; Journalism Professor at Arcadia University and Temple University